giovedì 25 aprile 2013

The words were empty

The words were empty,
Then one night I looked at the sky
and I discovered your eyes,
your skin like moon, the mystery of silence
of distant light, reflected on the world.
I could not find another meaning
for the word "I love you"
the sense was gone,
who knows where;
I looked into the sea,
in the blue of dreams and deep
where birds migrate 
and there are no human voices.
Then one night, in the dark,
I threw my thoughts of love
in the infinite sky,
and my words became stars
for your eyes.

Cristiano Bartolomei

Like the sunset

Like the sunset,
you fill the sky in my eyes,
and like the sun and sky
you are in my soul,
glowing of your colors,
while another day leaves
the loving words of your kisses.
The air has your scent,
you have given trees and shape to the mountains,
so that I could find
this lonely road,
full of your smiles,
that leads me away,
between pine needles and wood for the winter.
The horizon hides you,
but your heart appears to me,
lives between these leaves that I caress,
clear as the trail of a comet
in the Christmas night.

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giovedì 4 aprile 2013

Abstract Iris, acrylic on canvas 18x13 - Cristiano Bartolomei

Abstract Iris, acrylic on canvas 18x13 - Cristiano Bartolomei
Astratto, Iris, acrilico su tela 18x13 - Cristiano Bartolomei