sabato 18 maggio 2013

Fragments of sky - Frammenti di cielo

Falling from the treetops
fragments of sky,
drawing a silent passage
beyond the boundaries of the imagination.
The time is stopped
only for us.
We stroll happy
leaving a flowery green gate,
in the eternity of a Summer afternoon.

Cristiano Bartolomei

Cadono dalle cime degli alberi
frammenti di cielo,
disegnano un silenzioso passaggio
oltre i confini della fantasia.
Il tempo è fermo
soltanto per noi.
Passeggiamo felici
lasciando alle nostre spalle un verde cancello fiorito,
nell'eternità di un pomeriggio d'Estate.

Cristiano Bartolomei

giovedì 16 maggio 2013


Sweet rose dressed with the infinite,
your candid tears purify
the soul from the same breath,
full of pain and gray smoke
of  an unconscious sky.
Sweet rose,
your rain is like snow and Spring,
for those who know how to observe it,
falling in the night
in front of a solitaire glass,
on the edge of a forest
that no one knows.
It’s soul
your figure wrapped in the hair,
in a warm and soft blanket
of dreams and poetry.
I love you,
yet I don’t know you,
but I love you,
not for the word itself
stealing time and thoughts
to people who we don’t see;
I love you for a moment
where you stood in my garden,
tender and weeping of dew,
alone in the wind
that tore off  you the leaves.
Forgive these hands
that picked you unaware
from your land,
now forgotten,
and open your lips again
for me,
to breathe from your petals
the life
flowing slowly
in the soft shadow
of your hair.

Cristiano Bartolomei

mercoledì 15 maggio 2013


Mountains of kisses and caresses,
smiles and promises,
the immensity has your face,
the infinity your eyes,
from your lips the breath of the wind
blows in the heart all the love I feel.

Cristiano Bartolomei

martedì 14 maggio 2013

Words like atmos

Broken apart sentences,
words like atoms
recompose our faces,
painted so perfectly,
only as a whole
give a sense to the image
of our lives.

Cristiano Bartolomei

You will return.

The word "void" forces you into a corner of solitude,
it can be melancholy, lack, longing ...
it's the unpronounceable word, inconsistent,
of those who leave you to go away.
Empty, however,
the thought of you will never,
like sea, sky, infinite,
you will return.

Cristiano Bartolomei

lunedì 13 maggio 2013

Now you're in the eyes of the Sun

Perhaps you seek certainty
that time is not to be consumed,
that's how it spends the day.
The window would be empty,
white disappointment and dreams
now gone,
you wonder if to survive
or to live another moment
without any thought,
surprise or scare.
It 's already night for a century,
but you don't remember,
you can't remember:
it was the loneliness.
Now you're in the eyes of the Sun,
the windows ajar,
I embrace you again, my love.

Cristiano Bartolomei

Sweet mummy

Dear sweet mummy
you are all mothers in the world,
you dig within me up to the root of the universe,
you are always good and leave the sadness,
mother dear,
you are my purity.
I hold you strong for eternity,
giving my wings to your heart,
so he can fly wherever you want.
The rooster crows for your awakening,
the hill lights up when you smile,
you're beautiful like a flower that blooms perennially,
always smelling like a rose,
you have huge arms for my sadness.
It is not dew that wet your face,
is a thought full of pain,
a face disappeared,
our love.
Now go to sleep and make sweet dreams,
I paint a new house, the trees,
the river of your youth.
You will wake up on colorful rugs,
children festive and freshly baked pastries,
is not the empty silence that makes you flee,
is a tender expected that takes your eyes,
so infinite to hide the clouds and the sky.

Cristiano Bartolomei 


Smile at your first star of the Summer night,
your song of love spreads between thin melancholy
and dreams, prayers unreachable
deep in your universe.
The secret of Nature is in your hands,
takes you away with the wind in your fingers
to the sky,
soft is the return to your lonely road,
paths of firs lead to your being,
kneeling awakens your heart
between the ancient images of Paradise.
Lord, forgive me if I did not believe in you,
forgive my desires of simple serenity
and well-being,
I just want the life for people I love,
so that the eternity of this sea
exeeds my  last breath of hope.

Cristiano Bartolomei

domenica 12 maggio 2013

She was beautiful and sad

She was beautiful and sad,
loving liberty
and did not know the abandonment.
The rain fell
in the wind of loneliness,
while she was walking on the shore
of a dream.
She washed face herself
drawing water,
as for drinking,
Slowly her Moon disappeared.
She was wind and sadness,
I saw her sitting on the shore
of my dream,
I stood next to her,
smiling she stroked me
with the sea of her thoughts.

Cristiano Bartolomei

The Princess

Gardens of Trauttmansdorff Castel, oil on canvas  40x50
Cristiano Bartolomei 2012

Little Princess,
walking in the gardens of Paradise,
you are like fruit on the branches,
red and white, flourished among the leaves,
suspended on the lawns,
motionless in the sky like a star.
Your thin skin nourishes the earth,
reborning with the sun,
bud of wind,
fresh dew in the shadow
that bathes the cheeks of children joyful,
dancing in the gardens,
playful in the bushes.
Your light movements
has the sound of Spring,
the bell echoes from the school,
forget folders color the grass,
while you just disappeared with the wind
along the path of petals and terraces.

Cristiano Bartolomei

sabato 11 maggio 2013

Like shells

Tropical landscape, oil on canvas 50x40 - 2012 byCristiano Bartolomei

Sitting on a huge lawn
I weave garlands for your hair,
your smile has a soul like butterfly wings
and guide my hands.
The colors around light breath
creating the clouds and the sky,
thousand sunsets on the universe,
on the mirror of the lake two swans on the horizon.
The waves sing with caress of wind,
emerges now the sea between the blades of grass,
your eyelids like shells
offer silence  to a sleeping beach.

Cristiano Bartolomei

venerdì 10 maggio 2013

Eco internazionale -International echo

Ti amo, 
I love you,
Ich liebe dich,
Je t'aime,
Te amo,
я люблю тебя,
σ 'αγαπώ,
Ek is lief vir jou,
in tutto l’universo,
across the universe,
durch das Universum,
à travers l'univers,
a través del universo,
по всей вселенной, σε όλο το σύμπαν,
oor die heelal,
per sempre,
für immer,
навсегда, για πάντα,
vir ewig...

Cristiano Bartolomei

giovedì 9 maggio 2013

Essence of life

Essence of life,
hidden in a scent of nostalgia,
I've been looking for you in the most beautiful images of my imagination,
You appeared on a branch
and you flew away,
you rocked the leaves suddenly
walking along the tree-lined path,
then I saw you again in a meadow,
playing between the blades of grass,
showing your colours,
like the rays of the Sun.
You are the Love,
gaming with my heart
like a toy in the hands of a child,
I’ll always want you near.
Yet escape me,
hidden from the golden mantle of the night,
swimming between the light of the stars,
you leave me on the lips the word "sadness"
and some thrills on the skin.
Then I close my eyes to find you in my dreams,
I'm afraid of losing you and not find yourself more,
now gets up the day  from his bed of fog and gardens,
you understand me in your endless journey
and I’ll want to understand you.
Was born from nothing this feeling,
give him eternity to continue to follow it
over the line of the bright horizon.

Cristiano Bartolomei questo commento

You wake up among the flowers of Monet

You wake up among the flowers of Monet,
collecting lavender with your smiling eyes,
a colourful caress of soft euphoria
turns your fresh grass face
and endless fields.
You walk away from the night
with your cloak of stars,
accompanies you silence
eager of kisses and love melancholy.
A painted story tells about your life,
a warm lull of imaginative children,
you reborn among the flowers,
 kidnapping the petals with the wind
and dropping them on my skin,
so I abandon myself to the smell of your nostalgia.

Cristiano Bartolomei questo post

martedì 7 maggio 2013

I give you a kiss

I give you a kiss
pure like an indissoluble memory,
many silent strokes
like the sand moving on the beach
when there is wind,
I embrace you as if you were a child,
I gate this time that separates us
like make the waves on the shore,
I close my eyes like you now,
because when your thought sleep
my mind leaves the day
to listen to your sleep.
I wait for you
like grapes in the vineyard,
hidden among the leaves
in September,
if it rains, if it goes down
the Sun,
if it rises at dawn,
motionless and perfect,
united for life
to his land.

Cristiano Bartolomei

lunedì 6 maggio 2013

I'll write you infinite sentenses

I'll write you infinite sentenses
which will include your being,
endless caresses for your eyes,
tears that you will forget,
tightly in your hands.
No, do not hide your tears,
your  needs leave
and flow like blood
under my skin,
while I listen to
your steps light and insecure,
on a carpet of leaves;
the yellow of the sun,
the red of the sunset,
the blue of the sky,
the blue of the sea,
waves crashing
in the palm of your hands.
From the thin folds of your skin
flower gardens,
Now the lights of a house,
on the edge of a village,
where lull a baby
with the sweet sound of a lullaby,
and you are a weeping mother,
woman smiling, protecting,
now a little girl playing
with her dolls
and coloring the world
with her dreams.
Now you wait for my return,
on a lonely road,
on a carpet of leaves,
on the edge of a village
which is reflected in your eyes,
and already my face is
in your hands.

Cristiano Bartolomei

domenica 5 maggio 2013

Reading J. Keats

Divine beauty of Nature and Love,
hovers in the air a thought,
a robin free and proud,
intense light in his eyes deep and sincere
of painted image, a small reflection
of flare between the trees.
Return from the past a caress of poetry,
melts from the heart melancholy,
streets and buildings become lush gardens,
endless paths over the fences.
With the same intensity and harmony of colors,
I associate my soul to that flight,
so beautiful, perhaps, for its brevity,
so much life in the beating of wings,
infinite air for a noble purpose,
a robin free and proud disappeared in the woods,
taking away with him our true love.

Cristiano Bartolomei